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14-10E Will You Earn Your  “A”
Early Voting For The 2014 Primary
Will You Earn An A
Young Adults and Health Insurance: Not Invincible – But Perhaps Convincible
Florida Has To Redraw Its Congressional Districts Because, Florida
The Democratic Party: What We Stand For

14-9E the System Gets Rigged
5 Talking Points
Is It Really Too Much Trouble To Vote?
And Those Drive-You-Nuts Phone and Robo Calls!
Absentee Ballots Are Always Counted First In Florida
What Is A Primary In Florida?
What I A Closed Primary?
Nonpartisan Elections
General Elections
PBC Democratic August Primary Ballot
When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Voter Records?
State Senator Job Description
State Representative Job Description
School Board Members Job Description

14-8E Rick Scott and Voter Suppression
Purging Voters From The Rolls / Voter Fraud
Restrictive Election Statute / Early Voting Days
Former Felons’ Rights
Voter Suppression Accomplished
The New Purge
Hardships of People On New Purge List
Scott’s Political Solution: Reverse The Restrictions
Scott’s Anxiety What’s So Awful About Requiring A Government Issued ID?
Today’s Republicans Just Don’t Care About 99% Of Their Neighbors
Frequently Asked Questions About The Affordable Care Act
10 Reasons To Kick Scott Out – Reason #5

June 1, 2014, No. 14-7
Scott & Voter Disfranchisement:  Undermining Democracy:  Why 1 in 10 Floridians of Voting Age is Not Allowed to Vote.
Florida:  State of Shame
Felony Disfranchisement Laws Have a Long, Shameful History
Deny Millions of Ex-Felons Voting Rights
Sleepwalking Toward Plutocracy, Chapter 6, The Hijacked Republican’s Propaganda Machine
Offices Up for Election 2014

April 20, 2014, No. 14-6
Scott Doesn’t Understand Poverty. . . Or Care
What is Poverty?
Scott Doesn’t Understand Minimum Wage Poverty
Bill Maher’s New Rules on the Minimum Wage
Sleepwalking Toward Plutocracy, Chapter 5, The Hijacking’s Alchemy
The Lessons of History are Clear

March 8, 2014, No. 14-5
Municipal Election Issue #3 of 3:  Why Local Elections Matter
Why Local Elections Matter
Candidates for Municipal Elections in Palm Beach County
Why Vote By Mail?
Sleepwalking Toward Plutocracy, Chapter 4, How the Hell Did This Happen?
Local Elections Are Like Professional Baseball
Republican Texas Judge Has Had Enough of Republican Homophobia and Bigotry, Switches Parties
What is a Democratic Executive Committee?

February 10, 2014, No. 14-4
Municipal Election Issue #2 of 3: What Difference Does it Make Who Wins a Municipal Council Seat?
Filling a Pothole
Where’s the Authority
When You Don’t Vote
What is a Committed Voter?
What Do Municipal Advisory Boards and Committees Do?
Sleepwalking Toward Plutocracy, Chapter 3, The Hijacking’s Threat to Our Democracy
Municipal Election Candidates

February 10, 2014, No. 14-3
Municipal Election #1 of 3: The President Doesn’t Collect Your Garbage
The President Doesn’t Collect Your Garbage
Why Should I Vote in This Municipal Election?
What Is a City Government?
The Power of One (and Three)
Municipal Election Candidates
Compensation for Mayor and Council Members

February 1, 2014, No. 14-2
Scott and Guns
Scott’s Quest for an A+
The Year of the Gun
The GOP Hypocrites
Sleepwalking Toward Plutocracy
Hold Scott Accountable for Gun Deaths
Top 10 Reasons to Kick Scott Out

January 15, 2014, No. 14-1
Rick Scott vs. Education
Education and Rick Scott
Do Politicians Know Anything About Schools and Education? Anything?
How to Privatize Public Education in 12 Easy Steps
Colonizing for Land and Profit. A Brief History. Repeating Itself.
Creeping Ignorance in the Halls of Congress
Teachers See Through Scott’s Electioneering Gimmicks, Remember His Record
Schools Should Be Run Like a Business
Florida Ranked 42nd In Nation In Per-Pupil Spending

November 1, 2013, No. 13-8
Rick Scott and Voter Suppression
Rick Scott and Voter Suppression
Hardships of People on the New Purge List
Scott’s Anxiety
What’s So Awful About Requiring a Government Issued Voter ID?
Today’s Republicans and the Divine Right of Kings
Frequently Asked Questions About the Affordable Care Act

September 15, 2013, No. 13-7
Which Part of Obamacare is it OK to Repeal?
We Want You (Senator Bill Nelson) to Repeal Obamacare
Frank Luntz’ Malarky
40 Ways That Obamacare is Already Working
July 2013 Benefits of the Health Care Reform Law in the 22nd Congressional District of Florida
What is the Health Insurance Marketplace?
It’s Time to Concentrate on Job One, End Corporate Personhood
ALEC: The Cancer on Our Democracy

August 1, 2013, No. 13-6
A.L.E.C: Threat to Democracy
What is ALEC?
Who Funds ALEC?
Is ALEC Nonpartisan as Claimed?
The Koch Brothers’ Issue Agenda
Blood for Money: Shoot First Laws
ALEC – Threat to Democracy

July 1, 2013, No. 13-5
Rick Scott vs. Healthcare
Rick Scott’s About Face
Are You Represented by An Obstructionist Republican in The Florida State Legislature?
Rick Scott’s Role in the Columbia/HCA Scandal
The League of Women Voters Primer on Medicaid Expansion in Florida

June 1, 2013, No. 13-4
What Progressives Should Say
What We Do Wrong
The Shift from Public to Corporate Government
Government By Corporations vs. Government By Representatives Of The People
When Government Has Inadequate Resources To Regulate Financial Affairs
Workers Are Profit Creators
Public Education Benefits All And Protects Freedom
An Infrastructure For Eternal Energy

May 1, 2013, No. 13-3
Florida First Ever Democratic Party Platform: Moving Florida Forward
Florida’s Jobs Triple Play
Education – The Foundation of Florida’s Future
Healthy Americans, Strong America
Social Security
Justice For All
League of Conservation Voters Scorecard for 2012

March 1, 2013, No. 13-2
Municipal Elections – March 12 With Voting Recommendations
Three Forms of City and County Governments
What Is a City Government?
Why Should I Vote in This Municipal Election?
Why Should I Vote in Every Election?
What is a Committed Voter?
When You Don’t Vote
Filling a Pothole
Local Elections Are Like Professional Baseball
2013 Palm Beach County Municipal Elections/Recommendations

January 31, 2013, No. 13-1
November 2012 Election Results
10 Takeaways from the 2012 Election
2012 PBC Election Results

Oct, 2012, Number 28
President Obama and the Democratic Party are Good for Latinos and for All Immigrants
Fixing the Immigration System for America’s 21st Century
The Obama Administration: Fixing Our Immigration System
Democrats Believe
Romney’s Beliefs
Compare President Obama Moving Forward & Candidate Romney Moving Backward

#27 Florida Democratic Party Platform

Oct, 2012, Number 26
Mitt Romney: candidate for Liar-In-Chief
At Debate #1: Romney Told 27 Myths in 38 Minutes – A Summary of all 27 of them.
Important Election Dates and Information

Oct, 2012, Number 25
Voting For Florida Judges
On Ballot, A Supreme Attempt to Intimidate
Justice at Stake: Judicial Confirmations Needed
The Party of Confrontation
Sound Like Someone You Know?
The Corporate Crime Wave
Important Election Dates and Information

#25 Voting for Florida Judges

Sept. 24, 2012, Number 24
This Election is About the Supreme Court
The 1% Court
Why It Matters: 1 New Justice Could Change a Lot
Robert Bork: Mitt Romney’s Corporate-Power Tool
How to Talk Republican and How to Talk Democratic
Romney and Choice
The 1% Court

October 2012, Number 23
All 11 Amendments Are A Bad Bet!
Just Say No
Sinister Motivations
Palm Beach County One Page Guide to Voting
Important Election Dates and Information on Early Voting

Sept. 20, 2012, Number 22
Are You Prepared for a 10-Page Ballot?
Are You Sure You Want to Vote at the Polls?
Avoid the Predicted Bottlenecks at the Polls
How Will You Feel?
Vote Courageously
Vote Smart: Do You Really Know Your Candidates?
Get Ready To Vote Easy
Palm Beach County One Page Guide to Voting

Sept. 15, 2012, Number 20
The Republican Convention: Their Lies and Their Platform
Paul Ryan’s Lies
The Most Conservative GOP Platform in Modern History
Romney’s Lying Machine
From “Democracy Now”
Republicans Treat Economics With Faith
Thanks for the Contribution
So What Is This Election About?
What Did Liberals Do That Was So Offensive to the Republican Party?
Making the U.S. Economy Scream

#19 Primary Election Issue #4
August 7, 2012, Number 18
Primary Election Issue #4 of 4
What is the Job of a Judge?
Absentee Balloting Details
The NFL Talks Union

August 1, 2012, Number 18-1
Progressive and Conservative Minds
How Do Today’s Conservatives Think?
Types of Families
Core Conservative Values
Core Progressive Values
Conservative and Progressive Standards for Authority
Conservative and Progressive Key Principles
Conservative and Progressive Perspectives on How the World Works

July 10, 2012, Number 17
Primary Election Issue #3 of 4
Vote Every Line on Your Ballot!
Florida Voter Pruge – Beware!
How Can We Overcome the Citizens United Decision?
Districts and Precincts
The Judicial Branch:
Interesting Considerations for Electing and Retaining Judges
The Affordable Care Act Benefits
Primary Election Candidates
How to Reduce Annoying Phone Calls

June 20, 2012, Number 15
Primary Election Issue #2 of 4
The Fair Districts Amendments
Voting in a Partisan Primary
Impartial Fact-Checking Websites
Voting in a Non-Partisan Primary
Candidates & Job Descriptions
Offices Up For Election 2012
The Facts on Voting from Abroad

June 10, 2012, Number 14
Primary Election Issue #1 of 4
Mail Ballots Arriving Before You Know It
Civics 101
Primaries, Nonpartisan and General Elections
What is a Primary? What is a Closed Primary?
General Elections
Why Vote on the First Tuesday?
What it Means to be a Democrat
A Letter From Congressman Deutch
The 10 Worst Republican Actions of 2011
Offices Up for Election 2012
Citizens United vs. FEC

June 1, 2012, Number 13
Obama & Israel: Myths and Facts
From the Beginning
Myths and Facts
President Obama’s Message at the U.N.
Malicious Gossip
Obama to the U.N.
Obama’s Commitment to Israel
President Obama Compared to Other Presidents
Israeli Leaders Praise President Obama
FDR’s Acceptance Speech

May 1, 2012, Number 12
Republicans Pass “Women As Livestock” Bill
Women are Screwed
Bork, Bork, Bork
Planned Parenthood –
Five Ways President Obama’s Policies Support Economic Opportunities for Women
Is This Where We Are Heading?
Women Role Models: Hilda Solis, US Secretary of Labor
Austin Founded Group Leads American Women in Planned Sex Strike

April 5, 2012, Number 11
Women: Still fighting For Respect; Fighting Against the Republican War on Women
Promises, Promises
Why is the GOP Turning Against Anti-Domestic-Violence Legislation?
President Obama on Pro Choice
Women’s Rights: An Ongoing Struggle
The Paycheck Fairness Act: Killed by Republicans
Being a Woman is Considered A “Pre-Existing Condition”
Everybody Does Better
Women and the Courts

March 8, 2012, Number 10
Municipal Election Issue #3 of 3
There’s a Lot at Stake in 2012
If a Ballplayer Throws a Game
Pay it Forward
The Fourth of the Seven Biggest Economic Lies
Ron Paul’s Libertarian Death Panel

March 1, 2012, Number 9
Grover Norquist: The Anti-Tax Fanatic and the Republican Attack Machine
What is Grover Norquist’s Taxpayer Pledge?
Grover Norquist: The Sociopath
How the Anti-Tax Activist Hijacked the GOP
Norquist Wants a Rubber-stamp Puppet President
The No Religious Test Clause

February 22, 2012, Number 8
Municipal Election Issue #2 of 3
Filling a Pothole
Local Elections are Like Professional Baseball
The Fourth of the Seven Biggest Economic Lies
Fox News Uninformed
Municipal Elections Chart

February 15, 2012, Number 7
Municipal Election Issue #1 of 3
It’s Not Too Late
Most Voters Do Not Vote in Municipal Elections
Status of Your Absentee Ballot
Absentee Ballots Cannot be Forwarded
What is a City Government?
Why Should I vote in This Municipal Election?
The Best Way to Vote
Why Should I Vote in Every Election?
What is a Committed Voter?
The Third of the Seven Biggest Lies

February 1, 2012, Number 6
Your Health Care
Provisions of the Affordable Care Act, by Year
The Second of the Seven Biggest Economic Lies.

December 15, 2011, Number
Economic Inequality
Economic Inequality
Companies Aren’t Sharing
Back to the 20’s
The 99% Are Being Left Further and Further Behind
An Ultimatum
Tracking Our Downward Spiral: The Ways in Which America Still Leads the World
Job Loss. Today’s Republicans Just Don’t Care
“We’ll Make it Impossible For Him to Govern Like a Democrat.”
The Janitor and the Millionaire
Snap Caps
Why Should I Vote in This Municipal Election?
City Council Membership is Often the “Farm Team” For Higher Office

November 15, 2011, Number 4
President Obama’s Key Achievements in The Past Three Years
List of Key Achievements
Obama’s Strong Support of Israel
The Florida Legislature Makes it Hard to Vote
Absentee Ballot Requests Have Expired
Alan Grayson’s Comments on Occupy Wall Street

September 2011, Number 3
Many, Many Choices for Next Year’s Ballots!
Labour Slogan, “Unions: the folks who brought you the weekend,”
What Does a Real Jobs Bill Look Like?
Offices to be Filled in 2012
Government has a Moral Mission: Necessities vs. Services
Policy vs. Personal Attack
Who are the Welfare Kings?

August 2011, Number 2
The Democratic Voter new name for publication
Don’t Kid Yourself, One Vote Counts
America Is Not Broke
The Democratic Voter Newsletter Mission Statement
Republicans. Acting Sociopathic – Again
The GOP’s State-by-State Crusade to Disenfranchise Voters

April 2011, Number 1
First Issue was titled “My One Vote Counts Club Newsletter”
Don’t Kid Yourself, One Vote Counts
Mission Statement
Election 2012 Calendar
Fox News Lies Keeps Them Out Of Canada
Tracking Our Downward Spiral The Ways in Which America Still “Leads” the World
Elections Have Consequences – 2010!